Wazifa To Get Husband Back And Stay Or Listen To Wife

Wazifa To Get Husband Come Back

Wazifa To Get Husband Come Back

If the husband has left his wife and he is not willing to come back to his wife then the wife should not get worried. She should try Wazifa to husband come back. The wazifa to husband come back has the power to change the heart of the husband, instantly. Wazifa to get Husband Back can be performed like this –

  1. The wife should perform this wazifa after reading zohar namaz.
  2. After that she should light incense of lavender or rose.
  3. Then she should read Surah Fatiha in loud voice.
  4. Read this Surah Yaseen, once.
  5. In Sha Allah your husband will come back to you.

This is how you can perform Wazifa to get Husband Back. Similarly, there is another wazifa known as Wazifa For Husband To Stay With Wife. Those wives whose husband’s are thinking of leaving them but the wives want to stay with the husbands only, then the wives shall practice this Wazifa to stay with husband. As the relationship between husband and wife grows older; the men become more careless and the relationship starts fading away mainly because everyday husband is being distracted in so many ways. But, if wife wants that her husband should not leave her – she has to get the lost love of her husband back. For this, she had to practice this powerful wazifa to stay with husband. With the help of this wazifa, the husband will not leave his wife and will always stay with her.


Wazifa To Husband Stay With Wife and Listen To Wife

Wazifa To Husband Stay With Wife

This wazifa is the best solution for all marital problems. But wife should make sure that she should perform this wazifa in the right manner. If wife will perform this wazifa in the right manner, she will definitely get accurate results. Similarly, some wife wants that their husband to listen to her. They want that their husband to obey them. If the wife wants that her husband to be crazy for her, she should perform Wazifa to husband listen to wife. This Wazifa to husband listen to wife can be perform like this –

  • This wazifa should be performed by wife after zohar namaz.
  • After that she should read Durood Shareef 5 times.
  • After that she should pray to Allah Pakk.
  • In Sha Allah her husband will start listening to her.

Today, every wife wants that her husband should listen to her and shall stay with her for the whole life. This is every wife’s dream to get his husband love and care. The best thing to get all this is wazifa. With the help of wazifa wife can get all the things that she want from her husband. Rest everything is in the hands of Allah Pak, the merciful. Wife should always pray to Allah Pak for getting her husband love and care. You can feel free to contact us anytime, to share your doubts, problems and queries. In Sha Allah we will deliver you with best Islamic solution so that you can get rid of your problems, soon.

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