Powerful Wazifa For Second Marriage- Dusri Shadi ke Liye Wazifa

Get Islamic Wazifa For Second Marriage

powerful wazifa for second marriage

When two people marry each other naturally they want to spend their whole life together. But in some marital relationship there are some problems between husband and wife. These problems become so severe that one day the marital relationship between husband and wife comes to an end. And the husband and wife give divorce to each other. But giving divorce is not the end of life. Both husband and wife deserve another chance in their lives. But performing second marriage is not an easy task. So in order to perform second marriage both husband and wife can perform powerful wazifa for second marriage.

Wazifa For 2nd Marriage

Many people don’t want to do second marriage but they are left with no other option other than to do second marriage because of their children. After giving divorce to first wife the biggest issue that comes in front of husband is the issue of children. Husband alone cannot look after the children he needs the support of his wife. But no woman wants to marry a divorcee man especially who has children from his first wife. In order to perform second marriage husband can take the help of wazifa for 2nd marriage.

Performing second marriage is one of the most difficult to do. But by performing this wazifa for 2nd marriage this barrier can be overcome. Similarly there is a dobara shadi ka wazifa. This is one of the strongest wazifa for all those people who want to perform second marriage.

Dobara Or Dusri Shadi Ke Liye Wazifa

This dobara shadi ka wazifa should be performed on Wednesday night. Similarly some person wants to perform marriage because their first wife has died. Every person requires a partner in his life. So for performing second marriage the best way is to perform dusri shadi ke liye wazifa.

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This dusri shadi ke liye wazifa should be performed under the guidance of Molvi Saheb. Similarly while performing powerful wazifa for second marriage all necessary arrangements should be made. The person performing this wazifa should make fresh wuzu. After that he should read Iyatal Kursi for 25 times. Then he should read this dua for second marriage- “Subhan Allah”. Read this dua for 556 times. After that again read Surah Fatiha for 25 times. Then read Durood –e-Ibrahim for 24 times. After that pray to Allah SWT so that you can perform second marriage. Perform this wazifa for 18 days.

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