Wazifa For Protection of Husband Love

Wazifa For Protection Husband Love

Wazifa For Protection Husband Love

Wazifa For Protection Husband Love

Every woman wants 100% love of her husband. It is the desire of every woman that her husband should always be loyal with her. It is the dream of every wife to get the love of her husband selflessly. But in reality it is not like that. Every woman is not lucky to get the love of her husband. It is very difficult for very wife to protect love of her husband. But in Islam there is a solution for every problem. Wife can take the help of wazifa for protection husband.

Husbands are very unpredictable. Their behavior can change very quickly. It is the duty of wife to attract her husband towards herself. Because very often we see that husbands are attracted towards other woman, because they find those woman more beautiful and attractive. This can be very dangerous for wives. Once husband is attracted towards other woman it is very difficult to bring him back. In such a situation wife can perform wazifa for husband protection.

Dua For Husband Protection

If wife does not know how to perform wazifa for husband protection she can take the help of an Islamic Specialist. Generally in arrange marriages wife and husband does not know each other. So it is not easy for them to start a new relationship. They both need to give time to each other so that they can understand each other. But in some cases even after giving time husband is not able to understand his wife. He wants to leave his wife and marry some other woman. But it is very painful for wife if her husband will leave her and will marry some other woman. So in order to avoid such a situation wife can perform wazifa for protection husband love.

There is also a very powerful dua for husband protection. Islam made the relation of husband and wife very beautiful. Islam has given rights to both husband and wife. It is the right of very wife to get love of her husband. And sometimes the love of husband starts to fade away. So for such circumstances Islam has provided wazifa for protection husband love. But wife should perform this dua for husband protection with clean and pure heart. Anything performed with wrong intentions can be very harmful.

dua for husband protection

How to Perform This Wazifa for Protection Husband?

  • First of all wife should make fresh ablution.
  • The wife can perform this wazifa anytime she wants.
  • First of all wife should read Durood Shareef for 41 times.
  • After that wife should read this dua for husband protection, is like this- “Hasbun Allahu Wanimal Wakeel.
  • While reading this dua think about your husband. Then make a dua to Allah SWT.
  • Then again read Durood Shareef for 41 times.
  • Insha Allah you will get the love of your husband. Do this wazifa for seven days.

This is one of the best wazifa for protection of husband love. This wazifa is very effective. For any other assistance or help contact us.

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  1. Assalamu alaykum ,
    JazakAllah khair for setting this up for our ummah. May Allah s.w.t rewaed each of you abundantly with taufiq hidayah and goodness in this duniya and akhirat. Ameen.

    I want to ask, i am marries to my husband,46 who is Muslim convert. He converted over 20 years ago. We are married for 5 years and blessed with two little sons, alHamdulillah. My husband is Caucasian British. He was adopted by Christians preacher parents. His biological mother who was 18 years old at that time, gave him to oprhanage after gave birth. Therefore, his upbringing for sure effecting his behavior until now.

    We are 12 years old gap. My husband went for khalwa after became Muslim. He converted from loving the zikr of Allah. My husband had few Sheikhs, he took baya. He read abundance of zikr , salawat.

    However, my husband has an odd habit he likes to dissapear often. He left the house without informing.then comes back in leas than a month. What he does ,its between him and Allah s.w.t.

    I wonder what is happenjng to my husband ? I feel like there is a jinn disturbing him inside not make him peace. My husband’s ex wive practice black magic before. Perhaps this could be the influence?

    Now my husband has dissapeared again, around 10 days now. In shaa Allah, Allah s.w.t forgive me and have mercy upon me and our two children to bring my husband back safely. In shaa Allah.

    What should i recite on this situation ? In shaa Allah.

    JazakAllah khair .

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