Shohar Se Talaq Ya Divorce Lene Ka Wazifa

Shohar Se Talaq Lene Ka Islamic Wazifa


Shohar Se Talaq Lene Ka Islamic Wazifa

Many times, we are caught into unwanted relationships which destroy our entire life. Marriage is a very important decision of your life. If this decision is not taken in the rightful manner then your life will be full of sufferings. Having a spouse of your choice fills your life with joy and happiness. A spouse is not just your life partner but a friend and family too. Therefore, it is advisable to think nicely before you decide to get married with someone.


But, in our community love marriages are not considered very honorable. Therefore, the young men and women marry the person that their parents select for them. This method works for maximum number of people and they spend a good life with their loved ones, forever. But, some of the couples are not able to understand each other which create negativity between them. This negativity stays till end and for the entire life, you will have to suffer and for which you will blame each other only. In this process, the kids suffer too.

Shohar Ya Husband Se Talaq lene Ka Wazifa And Amal

So, if you are also caught up in an unwanted marriage or nikah and you want to divorce your shohar without any controversies then you are at the right place. Yes, you can use our shohar Se talaq lene ka wazifa to get rid of your nikah. Maybe, you were too young earlier to take the right decision that whether you should have married your shohar or not but don’t worry it’s not too late for you, with shohar se talaq lene ka wazifa you can still get away from your married life.

Talaq is sad news but for many women who are struggling with dishonest, violent and cruel shohar, the shohar se talaq ka wazifa is actually a blessing. Yes, if your shohar is not fulfilling his duties, then as a wife you have the right to confront him and ask for a divorce. But if you are too scared of him then shohar se talaq ka wazifa can help you in such a situation. Yes, the shohar se divorce ka wazifa can change the mind of your shohar and he will on his own accept your decision for a talaq and you can get divorced without any arguments and struggle.

Shohar Se Divorce Ka wazifa

Shohar Se Divorce Ka wazifa 

At times, your family doesn’t supports your decision for a talaq or divorce, in such a situation you must practice shohar se divorce ka wazifa and very soon your family will also support and respect your decision.


Shohar se talaq lene ka wazifa – Every day after reciting namaz of esha, you need recite AYTUL QURSI 41 TIMES, then pray for divorce from your husband and blow it all over a glass of water. Make sure your husband’s drink that water, everyday without a gap for next 21 days.


If the above given shohar se talaq lene ka wazifa, doesn’t works in next 15 days and there’s no change in the behavior of your husband, then you must contact us for better and stronger shohar se talaq lena ka wazifa and amals.

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