Salat Istikhara Dua Prayer For Divorce And Talaq

Get Salat Istikhara Dua Prayer For Divorce

Get Online Salat Istikhara And Dua For Divorce In UrduTalaq is an Arabic word used for divorce. Divorce separates husband and wife from each other. Allah (swt) hates talaq but still people have to do it when they could not maintain their relationship. When you plan to get married and find a good partner, you have no idea what will happen in future. Everything moves on smoothly and then suddenly circumstances begin to change and with this your relationship and your partner’s behavior also changes. Bad circumstances and wrong way of dealing with them is the main cause of separation between two people who are in a relationship. Muslim couples perform istikhara for talaq to decide whether to continue relationship or just end it.

Small fights between couples are a common thing. But the actual problem begins when these small fights take an ugly face and become the reason of heartbreak, and breakup in a relationship. If you are facing problem in making up your marriage relationship, you can perform istikhara for talaq. Istikhara will help you in making the right decision regarding your divorce with your partner. Most of the Muslim people perform salatul istikhara to make decision after taking guidance from Allah (swt) in different matters. Salat istikhara for divorce can be performed either by husband or wife or both to make the decision whether they should get divorce and free each other or remain with each other and try to make things better.

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Praying Islamic Istikhara Dua for Divorce

There are some Islamic websites that offer online istikhara for divorce. It is an instant way of performing istikhara. Online wazifa for divorce and other matters are available to help you out. You can browse online to find out the way in which istikhara is performed. Istikhara dua for divorce is also available online. Another convenient option for you is online istikhara for divorce.  For this, you are required to provide all the details that are asked by online wazifa.

Right Way to Perform Istikhara for Talaq

Islamic Istikhara dua, Prayer and Wazifa for Divorce Istikhara prayer for divorce is required to be performed in the right way. Before going to bed, you will have to perform two rakat namaz for salat al istikhara divorce. Taharat is compulsory before performing istikhara. Then you can start your namaz. In the 1st rakat, you have to recite surah Fatiha and then Surah kafiroon. In 2nd rakat, you have to recite Surah Fatiha and then Surah Ikhlaas. After completing 2 rakats, you have to recite istikhara dua for divorce. While reciting this dua, you should think about your partner whom you want to give talaq. After performing salat al istikhara divorce, you can go to your bed to sleep. While sleeping, you will see a dream that will guide you what you should do.

Praying istikhara for divorce is beneficial if you are fed up of your relationship but you are confused whether to get divorced or not. If you truly love your partner but your partner doesn’t love you, the relationship will not survive for long. At some point of time, you will have to make a decision. At that time, praying istikhara for divorce will help you out in deciding what you should do.

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  1. Assalaam walikum , my self Anuradha I reverted and got married with muslim guy.. after one year I blessed with baby girl, now my husband cheated me with another women .. I really love him but I can’t forget this so I want to divorce him .

  2. I need some Help, er got Married after knowing 4 monht and we been togheter 2 years and every week in 2 years er had so Many stupid argument and Know we dont have this normal husband and wife relationship and i cant take it anymore but love Him so Much but my healt is bad now and the same for Him.. what to do

  3. Assalamuwalaikum.. My parents force me for marry a guy whom i dont like.. But after marry i found sometimes i was beaten from my husband nd day by day its getting tough to live with him … In this matter i want to divorce my husband

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