Sagai Todne Ka Wazifa, Totke, Amal and Taweez

Sagai Todne Ka Wazifa And Totka

Sagai Todne Ka Wazifa And Totka

Many times we get caught up into unwanted relationships that will only give us pain, in the future and we find no way out of it, under such situations one can try the strong and powerful Islamic wazifa and dua for getting what they want.

For instance, our Muslim brother or sister has been pressurized by the parents to say yes to a marriage proposal which they actually dislike then you need a strong a powerful Islamic weapon to win this battle. We all love and respect our parents, Subhan Allah, and accept their decisions without any doubt but if you think that they are not able to understand your point of view then disrespecting your parents is wrong. You can simply try the sagai todne ka wazifa. With sagai todne ka wazifa, you can keep your parent’s words as well as break the unwanted relationship too.

You must be wondering how’s that possible? It is possible because when you will start practicing the sagai todne ka totka, it will directly change the mind of your parents or the mind of your relatives (with whom you are being forcefully connected through an unwanted engagement) and they will on their own start thinking of breaking the engagement or sagai. Thus, sagai todne ka totka helps in changing the mind set of humans.

Sagai Todne Ka Taweez And Powerful Amal


The sagai todne ka powerful amal is the best remedy if you want a peaceful and instant solution to your problems. It will break your engagement or sagai without any fights or arguments. This way, you don’t have to argue with your parents as well.

If you are in love with another person but you are engaged with someone else then it is a very critical situation in which only sagai todne ka taweez and wazifa can save you. With the right

sagai todne ka taweez and wazifa you can break yyour unwanted engagement and get yourself a chance to get married with the person of your choice. This taweez gives you freedom from an unwanted engagement or sagai.

 Sagai Todne Ka Powerful Wazifa And Amal

Sagai Todne Ka Taweez And Powerful Amal

The sagai todne ka powerful amal – It is important to perform an istikhara before finalizing any decision. If after the istikhara, you still feel the need of breaking the sagai or engagement then for next 21 days, you need to read Surah Baqarah and after that pray to ALLAH SUBHAN WA TAA’LA to break your unwanted relationship before it grow into marriage.

If the ishtikhara is not conclusive then you need to see our molvi sahib to know what’s best for you. It is best for the couples to meet our molvi sahib to get their ishtikhara done before fixing the sagai or engagement or before the nikah.

Thus, if you are terrified of your future and want to get out of this unwanted sagai or engagement anyhow, without hurting the feeling and reputation of your parents, family and relatives then the sagai todne ka wazifa is the best Islamic solution for your situation. To know the strongest amal for your problem, feel free to contact us.


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