Muslim Dua or Prayer for My Husband

Muslim Dua and Wazifa Prayer For My Husband Love

Get Muslim Dua and Wazifa For Husband Love

Every girl has a dream to get married to a guy who is perfect for her and who will keep her happy always. Some girls get married early and are unable to get what they want while some keep waiting for their future husband to come in there life. If you are also single and waiting for your future husband, you should perform Muslim prayer for husband. With this prayer, Allah (swt) will surely bless you with your perfect and dream husband. You should perform this prayer regularly and properly to get the results and your dream husband.

There are so many single girls who don’t know about Muslim prayer for husband. They just keep on waiting for their life partner without asking Allah (swt) to grant them a loving husband. You should keep one thing in your mind that there is no point in hoping for the desired result without making any efforts to get that. After every obligatory namaz, you should recite Muslim Dua for husband that is given below-

Waallayli itha saja
Ma waddaAAaka rabbuka wama qala
Walalakhiratu khayrun laka mina aloola
Walasawfa yuAAteeka rabbuka fatarda
Alam yajidka yateeman faawa
Wawajadaka dallan fahada
Wawajadaka AAailan faaghna
Faamma alyateema fala taqhar
Waamma alssaila fala tanhar
Waamma biniAAmati rabbika fahaddith

English translation of Muslim Dua or Prayer for Husband:

By the Glorious Morning Light,
And by the Night when it is still, –
Thy Guardian-Lord hath not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased.
And verily the Hereafter will be better for thee than present times.
And soon thy Guardian – the Lord will give thee thou shalt be pleased.
Did He not find thee an orphan and give thee shelter (and care)?
And He found thee nomadic, and He gave thee direction.
And He found thee in need, and made thee sovereign.
Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness,
nor repulse the petitioner (unheard);
But the bounty of the Lord – rehearse and proclaim!

Make Muslim Dua Prayer to Get Perfect Husband

Muslim Dua for My husband

Every girl should perform obligatory namaz on specified times. Along with practicing namaz, every girl should read Quran also on regular basis. If you do all these things, Allah (swt) will surely grant all your wishes that are good for you. Allah (swt) is the greatest and purest. You can seek guidance and goodness from Allah (swt) by practicing namaz and reciting verses of Quran. After reciting Quran, you can recite Muslim prayer for my husband. Thereafter, you will surely get what you desire to have. Then you can marry the person whom Allah (swt) has made for you. There will be no hurdles and no difficulties. When everything is arranged by the greatest Allah (swt), no one can create problem.

Get My Husband Back By Muslim Dua And Prayer

If you perform Muslim prayer for my husband with pure feelings and pure heart, Allah will surely accept your prayer and grant you a good husband. You will be able to meet your dream man. Allah (swt) has already arranged everything for you. You just have to make a wish to get everything done. No one can help you except Allah (swt). Allah has provided you the holy Quran so that you can seek knowledge from it and ask for goodness from Allah (swt). Everything becomes easy when you firmly believe Allah (swt). If you are a true believer of the almighty Allah (swt), you should perform Muslim prayer for my husband and wait for the result.