Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ya Rokne Ke Liye Totka, Wazifa And Dua In Hindi

Kisi Ki Shadi Ko Rokne Ka Totka And Islamic Wazifa

Kisi Ki Shadi Ko Rokne Ka Totka

At times, we fall in love with people who are already married to someone else. It is a very difficult situation as your chances to lose your lover are very high. Losing some you love even after doing lot of Dua, is very painful. But, if your lover is about to get married then you can still do something about it with the help of the powerful Islamic kisi ki shadi ko rokne ka totka. Yes, with the help of the strong kisi ki shadi ko rokne ka totka, you can stop the nikah of your lover.

Many times, we love someone but due to some misunderstanding they leave us and decide to get married to another person, in impulse. If you want to stop your lover so that he or she can get time to think and make the right decision, in your favor then the very famous and powerful kisi ki shadi ko rokne ka wazifa can certainly help you. This strong kisi ki shadi ko rokne ka wazifa can help you in changing the heart of your lover and he or she will on their own stop their nikah and will come back to you – “their lost lover”.

Shadi Todne Ka Islmaic Totka In Hindi

Sometimes, parents are not in favor of a love marriage; so if your lover is being forced to marry someone else but he or she wants to marry you, then either of you or both of you can do shadi rokne ke liye dua. The shadi todne ka totka in Hindi or in other language can help you in stopping your marriage or someone else’s marriage. So, with the help of shadi todne ka totka in Hindi, Urdu, etc. you can save yourself or your near and dear ones from unwanted marriage or nikah.

Since, marriage is a very important decision; therefore, you need to think about every little thing before getting married. The consent and happiness of bride as well as of groom matters a lot. But, if the decision for marriage or nikah is being forced on you and you are not able to do anything about it, then contact our Islamic wazifa and dua specialist to know the most powerful and strong totke to stop the unwanted nikah.

The procedure for making the shadi rokne ke liye dua –

kisi ki shadi ko rokne ka wazifa

You need to recite all the five farz namaz of the day, regularly;

Male or female, anyone can do this procedure;

It is a 21-days complete procedure, so do not create a gap;

At night, after you are done with the namaz of esha, you can start with this;

Recite Bismillah (11 times)

Now, recite Surah fateha along with Surah Ikhlas (both 41 times, each).

In the end, you need to repeat Alhamdulilah 11 times.

Now, you can do the shadi rokne ke liye dua for yourself or for your dear ones.


Try this Islamic shadi rokne ke liye wazifa, if this doesn’t helps you then you must quickly reach us for powerful and stronger solutions.


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