How To Do Islamic Istikhara For Marriage Proposal Dua In Hindi

istikhara for marriage

Get Islamic Istikhara For Marriage Proposal

Istikhara For Marriage Proposal

Every parent wants their children to get married as soon as possible. As we grew up every member of our family wants us to get married as quickly as possible. In Quran Shareef also it is mentioned as the person reaches the age of marriage he or she should perform marriage. But to perform marriage the most difficult task is to find correct life partner. For this we can take the help of  marriage proposal. By performing istikhara for marriage proposal we can find correct life partner for marriage.

It is the worry of every parent that their child should get married at right age because if not then it will become very troublesome for lives. This is not a wrong concern. But there is another concern that every parent has own their mind is finding right partner for their child. This can be solved by doing Istikhara for marriage proposal. Finding right partner is very necessary because if we don’t then our whole life cab be spoiled. That is Istikhara for marriage proposal is the best option to that.

How to do Istikhara For Marriage Proposal –

  1. Firstly the person performing this Istikhara should make fresh wuzu.
  2. After that he read two or four rikat namaz.
  3. Then he should read this dua for marriage proposal- “WallaahuGhafoorurRaheem”.
  4. He should read this dua for 51 times.
  5. After that he should read Sana for 101 times.
  6. Then he should pray to Allah SWT that help him or her in making the right decision.
  7. Only Allah SWT can help you in making the right decision.
  8. After that go to sleep
  9. In your dreams if Allah SWT show you positive sign then the person whom you want to marry is right for you. But if Allah SWT shows you some negative sign then that person is not right for you.
  10. Perform How to do istikhara for marriage proposal for 3 days.
  11. While performing this How to do istikhara for marriage proposal be very careful.
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This how to do istikhara for marriage proposal should be performed after Esha Namaz.

Get Istikhara for Marriage

Today we often see marrying a wrong guy destroys our entire life. One wrong decision can change our entire life. The decision of marriage is the most important decision that we take in our lives because our whole life can be destroyed if we take one wrong decision. Istikhara for marriage will help us in finding right partner. Sometimes we marry a greedy person which after wards creates lot of problem for us. A greedy person is always greedy for money.

He always asks for money from us or from our parents. A greedy person always create problem for us. That is why it is said that make all possible enquiry about the person whom you want to marry. Istikhara for marriage should be done after taking all necessary information from Islamic personels. Istikhara for marriage should be done after zohar namaz. And Istikhara for marriage should be done for 1 day.

Istikhara for Marriage Dua

istikhara for marriage

Sometimes when we want to marry our love and after making all enquiries we found that the person we want to marry is right for us. But sometimes after making all enquiries still we make wrong decision because enquiry can also be wrong. During enquiry we came to know that person we want to marry is suitable for us. But after marriage our decision completely becomes wrong. So to avoid such situation it is better we perform istikhara for marriage dua.

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This istikhara for marriage dua will help us in making right decision. Istikhara for marriage dua is a very strong Istikhara. All necessary arrangements should be made before performing this Istikhara for marriage dua.

Istikhara for Marriage In Hindi

When we love a person madly then e just want to marry that person without even thinking that person whom we want to marry is right or wrong. We are so much madly in love with that person that we just see the good qualities of that person and we ignore all the bad qualities of that person. This is where we make blunder even though we love that person but still it is our duty to find that the person whom we love is suitable for marriage or not. For doing this the best way is practice istikhara for marriage in hindi.

Never perform a marriage with a person whom you love before making correct decision. Istikhara for marriage in hindi will help you in making correct decision. It can be performed on any day. It should be performed after wearing proper clothes. Perform this istikhara so that you can make right decision. Your life will become very enjoyable if you make correct decision.

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