Istikhara Dua for Love Marriage Problems and Proposals in Hindi

Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage Problems and Proposals In English


Love is the most beautiful gift that Allah SWT has given to all human beings. Doing love marriage is the most important decision that a person takes in his life. When a person wants to do love marriage he has to face lot of problems. To solve such problems, a person can take help of istikhara dua for love marriage problems. There is also an istikhara for love marriage proposal in English. Some people don’t know Hindi so they can perform this istikhara for love marriage proposal in English.

There are a lot of problems which a person has to deal with when he wants to do love marriage. Some of the problems that a person has to face while doing love marriage are parent’s denial, caste difference, or financial problems or sometimes language barriers. For all these problems, a person can recite istikhara for love marriage dua. This is istikhara for love marriage dua is a very powerful weapon for believers of Islam. There is nothing wrong in doing love marriage. But, mostly love marriage is not accepted by our society; sometimes because of religion and sometimes because of caste.

Istikhara For Love Marriage In Hindi

This istikhara for love marriage in Hindi will help you in convincingyour family and relatives. Another huge problem that a person has to deal in love marriage is parent denial. Generally, most of the parents believe in arrange marriage. They don’t want their children to do love marriage. Parents think that they can select better life partner for their children. It is very difficult for any person to convince his parents for love marriage. Istikhara for love marriage in Hindi will help in convincing your parents.

Sometimes, parents also don’t agree for love marriage because of religion or caste. When we love a person who is of different caste it creates lot of problem. No society or parents will accept such a marriage. Every parent wants his child to get married in same caste. But love does not care about any religion or caste. It is just a feeling which a person feels for another person; no matter which religion or caste he may belongs. Another very important thing that a person has to see in love marriage is that the person whom he loves will be correct life partner for him or not. Istikhara dua for love marriage will help a person in solving all his problems related to his love marriage.

Islamic Istikhara and Dua for Marriage

How to Perform This Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage Problems is given below –

  1. Firstly the person should read two rikat optional namaz.
  2. After that read Durood Shareef 9 times.
  3. After reading Durood Shareef then read Surah Fateha 51 times.
  4. Then read this istikhara dua for love marriage problems which is like this- “In Allah Yusmiu Manyashao”.
  5. Read this dua for 41 times.
  6. While reading this dua think about your lover.
  7. Then again read Durood Shareef nine times.
  8. Insha Allah Allah SWT will show you in your dreams that whether love marriage will be correct for you or not.
  9. Do this istikhara for 9 days or call us to do it for you, for better results.