Only few people are lucky enough to have a lover and to get married to the person they love. Remaining all other people couldn’t find their love and some couldn’t get the chance to do love marriage. There is nothing bad in doing love marriage but it is mostly unaccepted by the society. Society believes in arranging marriages of two people who belong to the same religion and caste. But love sees no caste and no religion. It just happens when you start liking someone and spend time with that person.

Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage Problems


If you are in love with someone and you want to make that person your life partner, you should perform istikhara for love marriage dua. After doing this, you will come to know whether love marriage will prove to be profitable for you or not. It mostly happens that love marriages do not stay for long especially when families of both the partners are not happy with the marriage. If you don’t want to face bad circumstances in future, you should perform istikhara for love marriage dua and make the right decision.

Istikhara dua for love marriage problems is a very powerful dua. It can remove all the hurdles that are coming in way to love marriage. Also if there are some problems in your post marriage life then also you can recite Istikhara dua for love marriage problems. You have to recite this dua during namaz that you have to perform before going for sleeping.

Guidelines to Perform Istikhara for Marriage Proposal


If you are still single and you want some marriage proposals, you should perform Istikhara and seek help and guidance from Allah (swt). Guidelines for performing istikhara for love marriage proposal in English are given below-

  • Perform taharat to make yourself clean and pure. After this you have to do wuzu in the correct manner.
  • Do niyat for 2 rakaat namaz and after completing the namaz, recite the dua given below thinking about the matter for which you are performing the istikhara. Dua for istikhara for love marriage proposal in English is given below. Both men and women can recite this dua for marriage-

“O Allah, I consult You as You are All-Knowing and I appeal to You to give me power as You are Omnipotent, I ask You for Your great favor, for You have the power and I do not, and You know all of the hidden matters. O Allah! If you know that love marriage is good for me in my religion, my livelihood, and for in my life, in the future then please make it easier for me. And if this matter is not in my good interest as per my religion, my livelihood and my life in the Hereafter then keep it away from me and please just take me away from the matter and guide me with what is best for me and help me in getting towards it.”

Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage in Hindi

Istikhara for love marriage duaYou can browse online to learn about Istikhara for love marriage in Hindi. You can also consult a Molvi who is specialist in performing all types of istikhara. Molvi will guide you the right way to perform Istikhara for love marriage in Hindi. Through Istikhara, you can easily make important decisions of your life. Surely those decisions will prove to be profitable for you.

If you are facing any of such love marriage issues in your life or are not getting marriage proposals then you can stick to holy islamic spiritual methods to sort out this issues. you don’t need to do anything special except contacting our muslim istikhara expert Molvi Rahim Sheikh Ji.

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