Istikhara Dua and Prayer for Husband to Leave or Divorce

Islamic Istikhara Prayers to Leave Husband

Istikhara for husband to divorceMarried life becomes successful when husband and wife both live happily with each other. Unfortunately, some marriages do not last for long. They end up with Talaq or divorce. Divorce is not the solution for any problem. You should try to solve all the issues arising in your relationship. If you have tried everything but still you are unhappy with your partner then you can perform istikhara to leave husband. If istikhara shows you that you should leave your partner then you can give divorce and end your marriage.

Istikhara is basically an Islamic practice of meditation and recitation to seek guidance from Allah (swt) in important matters of your life. If you are facing issue with your life’s decisions, you can perform Salatul istikhara to make the right decision for yourself. Unfortunately most of the people don’t know much about istikhara and about the way in which it is performed. Istikhara is done for different purposes such as istikhara for marriage, istikhara for husband, istikhara for setting up business, istikhara for traveling and much more.

Istikhara Prayer for Husband To Divorce

Life changing decisions are hard to be taken. Decision to get divorced or separated from your life partner is also a life changing decision. Sometimes, divorce or Talaq is avoidable while sometimes it can’t be avoided. It depends mostly on the circumstances. In such cases, istikhara for husband to divorce is required to be done. It can be performed easily. Preparations for istikhara to leave husband involves Taharat and wuzu. After this two rakaat namaz is required to be performed in which you have to recite istikhara dua for husband.  But remember one this, you have to do all this before going to sleep.Istikhara prayer for husband

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Istikhara prayer for husband gives the correct result. It will show you in your dream whether you should give a chance to your partner and marriage or you should just completely put an end to it. You will not see the exactly same thing in your dream. But your dream will be either negative or positive so that you can understand what to do. This becomes easy to predict anything with the help of Salatul istikhara. This is the reason Muslim people perform istikhara for husband and other things as well.

Salatul Istikhara Dua for Husband To Avoid Divorce

 Islamic Istikhara Dua for Husband To LeaveIstikhara for husband to divorce is quite uncommon because people just end up their relationship when they want. At that time they don’t bother to listen to anyone. But you should avoid making such a big decision in hurry and without thinking much. You should learn istikhara prayer for husband and then perform istikhara to make the best decision. Divorce will not only affect your life but it will also affect your partner’s life. So you have to make the decision carefully. With istikhara dua for husband, you can ask for guidance from Allah (swt). Surely, Allah (swt) will guide you towards the righteous path and help you in choosing what is right for you. Allah (swt) is the greatest and you will be rewarded with Allah’s guidance if you perform istikhara in the absolutely right way.


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