Most powerful and strong Islamic dua for husband love to wife in Quran

Powerful Islamic Dua For Husband Love To Wife In Urdu and Hindi

Powerful Islamic Dua For Husband Love

After marriage, you get a chance to know your spouse and with time, you start trusting and loving them. They become the most important person in your life, your true friend and one and only companion. What if such an important person doesn’t love you the way you do? What if they don’t care for you like you want them to? What if a misunderstanding is keeping you away from your husband or wife?


Not able to get the love of your husband or wife because of any reason is not a good situation. Such a problem must be dealt soon. The dua for husband love in urdu is said to be very affective in such situations. The dua for husband love in urdu language or in any other language is equally powerful, what matters the most is the believe that you have upon Allah subhan wa taalah and on these rohani amals. You have to believe that the dua for husband love to wife will definitely make your marriage, better of course, with the will of Allah, the merciful.

Most Strong Dua For Husband Love To Wife in Quran

The dua for husband love to wife will create love in the heart of the husband for his wife. He will become more understanding and will fight less with you. His care and affection will also increase for you. If you feel that your spouse is not behaving the same as he or she use to do. If you feel that they are keeping secrets from you or hiding something, then don’t just let these things grow. In fact, you should understand that it takes a lot to make a marriage work and because of this you must instantly start reciting the dua for husband love in Quran, daily.

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Most Powerful Dua for Husband Love

Dua for Husband Love to WifeThe dua for husband love in Quran is the rohani ilaj taken out from the Ayats of the holy book. A powerful dua for husband love is – Darood e Ali.


Darood e Ali Allahumma Jaa Al Salawa Atika Wa Bara Kaati Ka Alaa Muhammadin In  Naa Bee Yee Wa Az Wa Aa Jihi Umma Haa Til Mu’mi Neena Wa Zur Ree Ya Tihi Waa Aah Lee Bay Tee Hee Kaa Maa Sal Layta Aa Laa Ibrahima In Naa Kaa Hamee Dum Maa Jeed.


You can recite this powerful dua for husband love daily (11 times) after namaz e esha and blow it on your husband and insha Allah, you’ll enjoy a happily married life, forever. For any other problem, please contact us.


  1. Asalam Aleykum I have a question is there any powerful dua for husbands love? I am married since 13 years and have two kids my husband is cheating all the time I wanted a divorce but I am still with him bcz of our kids so what can I do that he loves only me and no one else Whatever I do he still don’t love me we are fighting all the time he is 20 years older than me so please help me

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