How to get my ex-lover back in 3 days

How to get my ex-lover back in 3 days?

How to get my ex-lover back in 3 daysHave you lost the person you loved? Has your lover ended the relationship with you and you think that it’s over now? Then, my dear brothers and sisters, it’s not over yet. Yes, there’s a chance for you to get ex love back in 3 days… you must be wondering … how to get my ex back in just 3 day? Yes, this is true and not a scam or something. The how to get my ex back methods actually work and help you in getting your lost lover back in your life.


Yes, if you have lost all your hope to get lover back in life and if you keep on looking ways to how to get my ex-lover back, then the rohani methods of how to get my ex-lover back can help you. These are strong Islamic dua and amals that can help you in getting what you seek for. These methods are very strong and impactful. It starts showing its affect from the very minute you start practicing it and in just 72 hours, you’ll have your ex in your arms.

Get My Ex Lover Back By Islamic Istikhara

Get My Ex Lover Back By Islamic IstikharaThe how to get my ex love back rohani methods are strong enough to cleanse the mind of your lover which is temporarily filled with hatred for you and then revive the love he or she had once for you. Yes, with this amazing method you can get a chance to rejuvenate your relationship with your partner. It is sad to lose your lover’s love. Get out of your miseries, use the how to get my ex love back rohani methods and get the disappeared love of your life, back in just three days.

Like the doctor prescribes different treatment for different diseases in the same way to know your specific get ex love back in 3 days method, you first need a professional’s advice. Our Islamic astrologer is best at providing dua and amal for ways to get your ex lover back, you can come and see him or either call him or leave an email. It is better to seek advice before practicing something on your own.

Tell him, about your problems and don’t worry, your secret will be safe with him. He will tell the right solution for your situation and how you should do it? Insha Allah, if everything is performed perfectly then in 3 days time, you will certainly get your ex-lover’s love back again.


  1. Hi my name is Olla I’ve been in a serious relationship for 6 years with the love of my life he also asked my hand in marriage and my family knows about him, recently we had a fight and I was the one to end things from frustration but I do still love him a lot and want to work things out , we were supposed get engaged before my parents flee back home but we haven’t spoken for almost 2weeks I sure can use some dua prayer to help my situation thank u.

  2. Dear Brother,

    I went back to my home country for a year to get over my ex boyfriend. However when I went there, I fell completely in love with someone else and I realised the first boyfriend was just a crush. But this guy I met , and lived with for a year due to family circumstances, was the love of my life – and still is. He makes me into such a better person. He broke up with me a few months before I came back to the UK. And I thought I would forget him but it’s been 6 months I’ve been back and he’s constantly on my mind even though we haven’t spoken for 5 months. Please help.

  3. Hi..I am Divya.
    After one year of love my ex broke up with me but I am still thinking abt him it has been 5 months after break up..still I am trying to speak with him.he is in disturbed mind and speaks with me but not like before.Now he said he is going to marry one of his relative.i couldn’t bare and I informed her about our his marriage is cancelled. But also he is so much angry with me..I know I can’t get him anymore but still I can’t forget or move on in my life. Is there anyway to bring him back

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