Poweful Islamic Dua Getting and Bringing Wife To Come Back

Powerful Dua For Wife To Come Back In Life

Dua For Wife To Come Back In Life

For a man, it is very important to have a wife who listens to him and respects him, as well. Every guy wants a wife who will keep his wishes at the top of her list. Men enjoy being the priority of a woman; therefore, just like every guy if you expect your wife to be loving, respectful and loyal towards you, then it’s perfectly alright. It’s a natural demand, you can’t control it.


But, what if your wife doesn’t love you the way you want her to do? What if she stays mad at you, all the time? What if she’s not obedient to you? What if she’s not happy with you? All these problems will lead to a troublesome situation. If you are facing problems because of your wife and if your relationship or marriage is not going well, then don’t allow such problems to grow in your life. It is advisable to end them, as soon as possible. Save yourself from growing stress and hassle with the help of the strong and powerful dua for wife to come back.

Islamic Dua for Bringing Wife Back

Dua for Bringing Wife Back

If your wife stays angry with you, then the dua for wife to come back will certainly help you in such a situation. The dua for wife to come back will calm down your wife’s anger and will help her in thinking positive about her relationship with you.

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If your wife has left you and is staying at her in-laws or somewhere else, then recite the dua for bringing wife back. The dua for bringing wife back will fill your wife’s heart with love and affection for you, so that when you’ll go to bring her back, she will instantly agree to come back to you. The dua for bringing wife back has solved many husband-wife fights.

The Dua For Getting Wife Back

In Arabic –

يا الله تعطيني ما أريد

In English – Ya Allah taetini ma ‘urid

Read this dua for getting wife back, at least 500 times after the farz namaz of esha and then pray to Allah subhan wa taalah. This dua for getting wife back has so far helped many couples in giving a fresh start to their marriage. With this dua, you can make your marriage, stronger and healthier. If this dua doesn’t helps you in next seven days, then you need to see our molvi sahib for customized solution for your problem.



  1. i recited 500 times this dua after esha for one week now situation is like ma wife parent vl talk to my wife again before one weeek they were going to file a divorce case now they canceled it but if she dont like then they said v vl try mutual divorce so what should i do sahib

  2. Assaalam Aliekum
    My wife is from East Europe and she is angry over some thing, partially it’s my fault but entirely.

    i need your help, i have lost my job as i was working in saudi arabia for more than 22 years and now recently i have joined a new job , i am not stable with my finance in other words i cannot afford any fee

    Please help me

    Jazak Allah Khair


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