Islamic Dua To Kill And Curel Mother In Law- Dua For Bad Mother In Law

Dua For Cruel Mother In Law And Kill

All daughter-in-laws are not blessed with the love of a good mother in law. Some of these ladies are very cruel and wicked. You may have come across the news in papers a number of times that a newly married bride was killed for dowry by a greedy mother in law or the bride committed suicide because of mental pressure or domestic violence. In Islam, it has been said that all relationships should be handled with love and care, but the sad reality is that some women try to ruin the life of their own daughter-in-law.

It is very bad if you are harming your son’s wife in anyway. Under such circumstances, the daughter in law has all the right to practice dua to kill mother in law. Even though murdering is not allowed in Islam but if someone is getting violent with you with every passing day, then you definitely should do something about it. When you perform the dua to kill mother in law, it will lead to her death with a natural cause and with the will of Allah Subhana Wa’ tala, you will get your much deserved life, freedom and happiness.

Dua For Cruel Mother In Law And Kill

It is a very big sin for a saas to be cruel to her daughter in law who is always very good and obedient to her. But, even if you are nice and your mother in law doesn’t like you or respect you, then just perform dua for cruel mother in law and Insha Allah, the Almighty will soften her heart and she will change. After the girl leaves her house, all she desires is a good loving family. When you perform dua for cruel mother in law, your saas will become like your mother and behave very well with you.

Dua For Bad Mother In Law

Nowadays, the problems from mother in law are getting very common. So, if your mother in law is very bad and she tortures you and makes you work day and night, gives you nasty and bad comments and treat your miserably, then just use the dua for bad mother in laws and Insha Allah, she will become a better woman. Yes, sister, give yourself some peace of mind. The dua for bad mother in laws is a tested weapon to help all those women who are troubled by their bad deeds of their mother in law.

Dua For Bad Mother In Law

Islamic Dua For My Mother In Law

The Islamic dua for my mother in law is mentioned below:

“Aauu Zu Bika Lima Til Lahi Al Tamatee Min Kullu Shaitanee Wahammatin Vamin Kulli Ayenin Laam Maati”

Islamic Dua For My Mother In Law

Recite the above given Islamic dua for my mother in law for 21 days. Chose a particular time and recite this dua at this time daily. Recite it 300 times and then make prayer to Allah Talah to change your mother in law’s mind and heart towards you. Very soon, you will see a change in her behavior. However, by any chance if this wazifa doesn’t work, then please contact us as soon as possible and we shall give you immediate solution.

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