Islamic Dua, Wazifa and Taweez For Breaking Engagement

Islamic Dua And Wazifa For Breaking Engagement

dua for breaking engagement

Engagement means when two people love each other and want to marry each other than before marriage they perform this ceremony known as engagement. It is a ceremony which is performed before marriage. In engagement two people who want to marry each other exchange rings. But sometimes people want to break their engagement because they think that the person with whom they are engaged is not correct life partner for them or their might be some other reason. So in order to break their engagement they can perform Islamic dua for breaking engagement.

Sometimes parents engage their children to a person of their own choice. Generally it happens when the person whom our parents engage us are not of our kind. They are totally different from us. So it becomes very difficult to spend our lives with such a person. So it is better to break engagement with such a person. For this there is a wazifa for breaking engagement.

Get Taweez For Breaking Engagement

wazifa for breaking engagement

But this is a very strong wazifa so before performing this wazifa for breaking engagement proper preparations should be made. Sometimes because of our parents pressure we get engage to such a person whom we don’t like. It becomes very difficult to spent life with a person whom we don’t like so it is better we should break our engagement from such a person. For this there is a taweez for breaking engagement.

This is one of the best ways of breaking engagement. By wearing this taweez for breaking engagement a person can break his engagement. Some children have step parents and all step parents are not nice. Because of cruelty these step parents engage their step children with a person whom their step children don’t like. This became really painful for any person who is engage to such a person whom he totally dislikes. So such person can take the help of dua for breaking engagement.

Dua For Breaking Engagement

This is a very effective Islamic dua for breaking engagement and it should be performed after Tahajjud Namaz. Similarly Islamic dua for breaking engagement should be performed on Wednesday night. Firstly the person performing this Dua for breaking engagement should read Durood Shareef for 3 times. After that he should read this dua for breaking engagement- “Wa Allah hu’ Ala mu Bee ‘a da’eekum”. Read this dua for 39 times. After that take the name of that person 100 times with whom you want to break engagement. Then again read Durood Shareef for 3 times. Insha Allah your engagement will be broken. Perform this dua for 18 days.For any help contact us.


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